Papa. Part two. On what would have been his 74th birthday.

My mom and dad in the 60sAfter my parents split up, they both turned weird. I blame a lot of this on he fact that it was the 80s. A decade that encouraged adults to be incredibly selfish. Who knows if they would have even split up if the times were different? But they weren’t. So they did. 

My dad particularly turned into an asshat. He got himself some young girlfriend only 10 yrs older than me and actually brought her to our house. I was so disgusted. I still remember the pink spaghetti-strap tank top she was wearing with no bra. I was in a long blue shirt reminiscent of the 20s with matching long tied pearls. They were in the garage. I left.  

His behavior was unchecked without my mother around and he began letting his anger run free. He yelled at people out of the car window. I told him I didn’t want to be around him anymore until he behaved like an adult. He tried to blame my mother, but I told him she had nothing to do with it- that it was his own behavior I found unacceptable. He seemed to take me seriously and settled down for a bit and I started visiting him again, though not very often.

But a very positive thing from this time was that he learned to make stained glass. And he was excellent at it. 

He made many beautiful pieces, but I only have a couple of them. He made me pink roses because he knew I loved them. And he made me Hedwig because we both loved Harry Potter. Though he was cheap and would always wait for the paperbacks to come out which drove me crazy as I always consumed the hardbacks within 48 hours of release and then couldn’t say anything. But I digress. 

He made my sister many more pieces, but that was because he also made me small wooden replicas of vehicles from the old west because as a young adult I spent 11 years doing a Nevada history show that took place in the old west. 

We also spent a lot of quality time in Virginia City. It’s a wonderful ghost town. It’s almost like walking straight into the past. The old west is still very alive there. We took pictures and toured and walked and took the train and drank at The Bucket of Blood Saloon. We had a great trip to one of the old cemeteries looking at the old markers. We found a lizard that he played with for a while. I think I filmed it and have it in a box somewhere. I’m sure I’ll look for it someday. Everyone interested in history should go to Virginia City.

My dad was a soil scientist and spent a lot of time digging in the desert and writing reports. But he hated that job so quit and drifted around through meaningless jobs for years. He used to bring back treasures from the desert. At one time he found a cache of discarded hotel trash that included monogrammed silverware from hotels that no longer existed. He flattened the silverware and attached the pieces to driftwood and made my sister and me wind chimes. They’re beautiful. Like everything he made.

Papa made a lot of bad choices in his life. But that can be said of most of us. I could focus on that, or I can remember what he got right. I choose that one.

One thought on “Papa. Part two. On what would have been his 74th birthday.

  1. I meant to hang my “silverware” windchimes outside yesterday. Guess it’s a project for this weekend.

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