My name’s blurry face and I care what you think….

Yeah so it’s a weird line from a song, but it fits this story. 

Yesterday, the rain was supposed to stop in the 1 o’clock hour. I checked before I went to work. So it was going to be wet when I went in, but be dry by lunch. I didn’t even bring my umbrella in from the car. 

Lunch was great. Mom brought me baked potatoes from home with garlic bread and I got a tea from Coffee Bean and we sat outside. It was a lovely day. When it started to sprinkle we didn’t worry because we were under an umbrella. The clouds turned black and lightning and thunder started, but this was Las Vegas. So no worries. Just a great show. There were kids in the park taking prom pictures across the street from where we sat. They giggled and took refuge under the pagoda. 

It was time to go back from lunch, so mom and I headed back to the store. Suddenly the rain really started coming down. It was bad, but not too bad. But then suddenly it was and we were running. And there was nowhere left to take refuge- we just had to run. And then it took on true storm status and came at us sideways in sheets. The store seemed impossibly far away, but we finally got there and I wrenched open the door and we ran inside. 

And the whole place stopped and turned and stared. 

It was like walking into a hostile saloon.

We were soaked and dripping all over the floor and people just stared. I was over that real quick and brought my mom to the back where the paper towels were so we could attempt repairs. But once I really saw the damage I realized that was impossible. I was soaked through, only having worn light protection. My hair was wet as if I had showered. I’ve never been that wet and not been in a pool. I got a new dry shirt to wear over my other wet clothes, but had to fend for myself otherwise. I tried to wipe the raccoon eyes away, but there was not much I could do. My pants were soaked. My socks and shoes were soaked. My hair was still dripping. My bra was soggy. 

I was cold and miserable, but I carried on. I mean, it was funny. Sort of.

Mom got to go home and dry off but I still had half a shift. I heard lots of “I wouldn’t have stayed” from my co-workers, but I felt I had to. 

But it sure would have been nice to hear from any manager a ‘thank you’ for staying. Not one of them said anything. I suppose I shouldn’t expect any human response from them. That makes me sad. 

So I had an adventure and it wasn’t all bad and was kinda funny.

But I was happy today was sunny and I limited my adventure to coffee instead of tea. 

**POSTSCRIPT** I talked to one of the managers and plan on talking to the others that were there. The one I talked to was very sorry the opportunity was missed- so all good. One more manager that meant to say but forgot! My faith is renewed. 😀