I used to talk too much when I was little. Got in trouble for it all the time. Teachers had to practically bribe me to be quiet. 

Isn’t it funny how it all changes? In college, teachers have to pull teeth to get anyone to talk. People will go to any length to not have to answer the phone… No one wants to talk. 

I’m in that group. I want a quick text. And I’ve become the Queen of Small Talk. I’m awesome at saying absolutely nothing if I don’t want to share. To the point that I’m actually surprised I’m admitting it. Though I don’t think the gift is really that rare any longer.  

Nobody wants to talk. And those that do are looked at strangely. I looked at a guy sympathetically that was babbling away on his Bluetooth this afternoon. What a weirdo. Didn’t he see he was talking to himself and being loud while everyone else talked in hushed tones or not at all?

I like the quiet. I like it when it’s so quiet a tabletop water fountain is too loud. I like dogs that don’t bark. I hate noisy cats. I like the purr of an engine, but cannot abide cars that thump. 

Now if only I could quieten my mind. 

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