I can look away when they want me to feed starving children in another country. I want the government to take responsibility for the starving children in this country. If we could do that, then we could donate elsewhere with a clear conscience. 

But I cannot stop helping animals. Yes, my house is full. But there are so many that need help, and so few willing to take steps to save them. 

I believe animals have souls as much as we do. They can feel and are just as individual as all of us. They have been treated as nothing more than meat for far too long. I’m ashamed I ever ate them, for I could never have killed them myself. But maybe that’s part of why I’m so dedicated now to saving them. 

I rescued an old dog from the brink of death once only to have that dog kill my bird. I have a dog now that is determined that I don’t get to keep my carpet. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s cleaning up an awful lot of potty in the house while they learn the rules the previous owner neglected to enforce. 

But the work and struggle aren’t the important part. My house is full of love. That is important. These animals give love constantly with no guarantee that they will get anything in return. They just give. And there is so much joy. Everyday I wake up surrounded by love with a pack of animals all trying to love on me at once. There’s nothing else like it.

Consider a rescue. Or two. Donate if you can. Volunteer at a local shelter or wildlife sanctuary. It’s so rewarding for you as well as those you help. A definite win-win situation. 

We’ve always been accused as anthropomorphising animals- giving them the human characteristics we wish them to have, but don’t actually possess. I argue that that is wrong. They do have feelings and emotions and moods. Pretending continually that they don’t, is a convenient way to justify how we treat them. We have to reevaluate our treatment- our disdain- of animals. They are a gift to us. Not to be used as test subjects or abused. We should be in a partnership with them. If we could all work together, the possibilities would be limitless.


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